Through a staggered performance of the same solo, four dancers follow the instruction to imitate – a canon – and layer by layer they enter a tight network of interlinking.

Premiere May 16th 2019
Sprechwerk Hamburg / Ballhaus Ost Berlin

In a landscape of superimposed movements, Tableau shows the canon in a physical interpretation. By duplicating and overlapping a solo, it searches for the cohesion between individual movements and for the expansion and distortion of the original material.
Together with the experimental multi-instrumentalist Aidan Baker and the scenographer Takaya Kobayashi, a moment arises that uses the old, musical form of the canon as a portrayal of the modern mania of permanent connection. Much like a moving Tableau Vivant, the work invites an immersion in the rhythm of repetitive fragments while simultaneously questioning their exposure.

Concept, Choreography Jascha Viehstädt Creation, Performance Julia B. Laperrière, Raymond Liew Jin Pin, Robin Rohrmann, Pauline Stöhr Stage, Costumes Takaya Kobayashi Music, Composition Aidan Baker Dramaturgy Signe Koefoed, Balz Isler Horn Musicians, Kartini Suharto Martin (Hamburg), Sakura Koyama (Berlin) Assistance Verena Brakonier Manufacturing Karsten Witte – Schlosserei Kampnagel, Anna Bräuninger – Alles von Hand Recording
Video Philipp Gysin, Sidney Nwakanma Thanks to Lani Tran Duc, Anika Marquardt, Costa Compagnie – Felix Meyer-Christian, Zahava Rodrigo, Miguel Murrieta Vásquez, Boutique Bizarre

Funded by
Ministry of Culture and Media Hamburg
Hamburgische Kulturstiftung

In Cooperation with
Sprechwerk Hamburg
Ballhaus Ost Berlin
DfdK Hamburg

Touring Infos
4 persons on stage | 6 persons total | available for international touring