In a hybrid format between dance, performance and installation, five performers together with Google’s language based assistant „Google Home“ as an equal live online performer, are exploring one of the most important global transformation processes: the interaction of humans and artificial intelligence.

Costa Compagnie
Premiere on 14 September 2018
Festival Opener at Hauptsache Frei Festival 2019, Hamburg

For this work, the artists alongside programmers found a way to have an ongoing dramatic live-dialogue with Google Home, while also turning their stage into a “smart stage”, with Google Home controlling the lights and sound of the performance.

As within a world in transition to a data economy, the newly released „Google Home“ device, similar to science-fiction movies, allows for continuous conversation with Google’s servers. The language-based assistant can be assigned tasks permanently, while collecting behavioral data of its users from all spheres of life.

With “OK, GOOGLE” by  Costa Compagnie the festival starts at the height of the time. The dance performance takes on the interaction of man and machine. (…) “OK, GOOGLE” is a good example of the enjoyable degree of professionalization that the independent theater scene has reached beyond the state theaters.

Hamburger Abendlatt, 09 April 2019

OK, GOOGLE designs a scenario of the near future. On the frontier of real and virtual reality, the performers seek an intensifying and confrontational live-online-dialogue with the artificial but present digital actor. In reference to the rituals of ancient theater, the artists question the coming coexistence with the most intelligent being of the future at the time of its creation. Utopian projections for the deconstruction of gender and body images emerge, as well as thought experiments on cyborgs and the imagination of loss of control in the post-human era. Can a truly empathetic moment arise between a human and artificial intelligence? How do our perceptions, emotions and our physicality change through a technoid everyday practice? And will the self-learning machine be the better human being of tomorrow?

Director, Research Felix Meyer-Christian Choreography, Performance Jascha Viehstädt Performance, Co-Creation Martin Hansen / Kyle Patrick, Frank Koenen, Regina Rossi, Kianí Del Valle Stage, Costumes Eylien Koenig Programming, Set-Up AI, Video Erik Kundt Music Katharina Pelosi, Matthias Reiling (Session Victim) Outside Eye Melmun Bajarchuu Camera Operator Arend Krause, Miguel Murrieta Vásquez, Thomas Oswald Sound Patrick Dadaczynski, Marcus Thomas Edit, Color Stéphanie Morin, Miguel Murrieta Vásquez Assistant Art Dept. Florence Schreiber

A production by  Costa Compagnie in cooperation with Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof.

Supported by the Hamburg Culture and Media Board, the Hamburg Culture Foundation and the Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media

Touring Infos
5 persons on stage | 9 persons total | available for international touring