In a concentrated dance work, the Malaysian-German duo creates a mermaid and explores the meaning of this „hybrid-being“ and its implications in terms of movement, narration and gender.

Premiere 2017 – LOFFT Leipzig
Tour in Malaysia, NRW, Hamburg

MERMAID is an attempt to create a monster. Two performers unfold in a dancing symbiosis the movement potentials of cohesion and fusion of two bodies that function as one. They examine the figure and story of the mermaid in terms of its historical and contemporary significance and explore the question of what makes this hybrid of human and fantasy as attractive as inseparable.
In a macro-soundscape by Czechoslovakian field recording artist Slavek Kwi, a dance piece develops that formulates an appeal to the lust for imagination and in which questions of personal identity, belonging, gender, partnership and the mechanisms of social tolerance find a subtle mirror.

Concept, Choreography, Performance Raymond Liew, Jascha Viehstädt Supervision Isabelle Wapnitz, Signe Koefoed Music Slawek Kiwi Coproduction LOFFT Theater Leipzig, P-Bodies Festival Leipzig

Supported by Goethe Institut Malaysia, DPAC Theatre Kuala Lumpur, PASSION MA Artistry

Touring Infos
2 persons on stage | 2-3 persons total | available for international touring