Three dancers enter into a hermetically soft choreography generated entirely by an artificial intelligence and explore the hyper-logical creativity of code.
Premiere 28.05.2021 Wiese eG, Hamburg | Online Premiere 17.06.2021

In Deep.Dance, a team of international artists replaces itself with an artificial intelligence. A complete choreography, created by an artificial neural network that they programmed, is executed down to the last detail by three dancers. The strangely familiar movements open up an emphatic view into the hyper-logical world of code and confront the viewers with a construct that is accessible to few people and yet determines our future.

“…threateningly successful interplay of artificial conceptual and human-bodily-motor intelligence…”
Robert Matthies, 26.06.2021, taz

The Hamburg based choreographer Jascha Viehstädt creates a silent and soft world of statistically predetermined movements that makes tangible what it means to have human creativity computed by a machine. In this way, the uncompromising simplicity of the piece offers an insight into the basic mechanisms of software and machine learning and questions the hopes and fears that are projected into the development of artificial intelligence.

Choreography, Artistic Direction Jascha Viehstädt AI Development, Coding, 3D Design Erik Kundt, Lea Schörling AI Development, Coding Nikolas Zöller Dance, Creation Girish Kumar, Lisa Rykena, Raymond Liew Jin Pin Stage Takaya Kobayashi Outfit Mia Wittenhaus Dramaturgy Felix Meyer-Christian Outside Eye Chikako Kaido Graphic Design, PR Julia Löffler, Lukas Besenfelder Technical Direction Erik Kundt Produktionsleitung Jascha Viehstädt Video Thomas Oswald Photography Marcus Renner Production Assistant Nika Viehstädt

Funded by
Fonds Darstellende Künste AUTONOM
Behörde für Kultur und Medien Hamburg
Hamburgische Kulturstiftung

Touring Infos
3 persons on stage | 7 person total | available from July 2021 for international touring