Jascha Viehstädt is a Hamburg based choreographer and dancer. After his education as a contemporary dancer, he received his master’s degree in choreography at the Interuniversity Centre for Dance Berlin (HZT Berlin). He studied contemporary and classical dance, modern, ballet and choreography/ composition with Wanda Golonka, Ingo Reulecke and Reinhild Hoffmann.

Since 2009 Jascha has been a choreographer and performer of the Berlin based Costa Compagnie >. With the group he develops interdisciplinary documentary-performances with a choreographic approach. Since 2016 he is also creating and touring choreographic works with the malaysian artist Raymond Liew Jin Pin > and collaborates as a dancer since 2012 for the Düsseldorf based choreograher Chikako Kaido >.
In October 2020 Jascha founded the shared rehearsal space STUDIO Hammer Deich, where he produces his own works and collaborates with local and international dancers, choreographers and artists.

Jascha’s work is characterised by an open approach to a wide range of topics through intense, physical states and the search for a clear, formal structure. In a close relationship of choreographic and dance practice, he approaches the impermanence of dance through concept, intuition and body.