Premiere 2013, Uferstudios Berlin

As the hero of our very own reality, we are in search of the true fiction in dance and end up in a fairytale about the new, old war of humankind: Flesh vs. Stone.



The glorious hero of our history is our intellect. Visions and fiction lets us dream and invite us to a fabulous journey far away from our daily uncertainty, which is coming closer every day. Our hero is at war against increasing mighty cities, faster streets and smaller rooms – but in the end he’s just on the run from the unconditional honesty of flesh.

This fictive and performative sketch of a futuristic physicalness will deal with the claustrophobic conditions of modern life culture. Within the badgering of our cities, the noise of our insane movements we are telling the fairytale about the old, new war of humankind: Flesh vs. Stone.

DANCE    Ellinor Ljungkvist, Gonçalo Cruzinha, Saša Pavić
STAGE    Hou Hsiu-Ying
SOUND    Felipe Sanchez Luna
DRAMATURG     Tina Ebert
CHOREOGRAPHY     Jascha Viehstädt