costa compagnie
Premiere & Performances 23. – 27. May 2018 / Ballhaus Ost

The COSTA COMPAGNIE researched with a 360°-camera in Norway and Iraq and now presents, as the conclusion of their trilogy around the globally crucial topic of oil, all three parts together in a row: An immersive 360°-documentary (part 1), a medially dense text-performance (part 2) and a profound choreography (part 3), accompanied by a virtual-reality-installation. Does the powerful resource entail the potential for a social welfare utopia like Norway or does it lead to a never-ending war, as in Iraq? Are there certain aesthetics to the oil-rich underground – the hidden? And will we survive the oil-age? The artist group leads the visitors through the complementary parts and media and creates an extraordinary art experience between abstraction and documentation.

The first, cinematic part A Research in 360°passes the word to the interview partners onsite and investigates the connection between the global economy, climate change and conflict in a unique, cyclorama video space, displaying footage from Stavanger, Bergen, Erbil, Kirkuk and Mosul. The second, performative-analytical and musical part The Underground Frontier moves into a sensory medial reflection of the opposing countries and ends with a imaginary trip with the visitors. In the third part An Infinite Ending two dancers enter the cyclorama stage and, in a borderless choreographic work about speed, search for an ending. >