Dancer and choreographer;
working solo,
with the costa compagnie (Berlin, Hamburg)
and with everything and everyone that promise movement.


…was born 1985 in Hamburg. After his education as a contemporary dancer in Hamburg, he received his Master’s degree in choreography at the Interuniversity Centre for Dance Berlin (HZT Berlin).
He studied contemporary and classical dance, modern, ballet and choreography/ composition with Wanda Golonka, Ingo Reulecke and Reinhild Hoffmann.

Engagements as a dancer led him into the free and experimental scene of Hamburg, Berlin, Munich and Düsseldorf as well as to various state and city theaters in Germany, USA, Malaysia and Japan. He works with Chikako Kaido (Japan / Düsseldorf) and Anna Konjetzky (Munich). His own work has been shown at Kampnagel in Hamburg, Thalia Theater Gaußstraße, Theater Bremen, Ballhaus Ost Berlin, Theater Heidelberg and LOFFT Theatre Leipzig as well as international in the USA, Malaysia and Korea.

Since 2009 Jascha has been a choreographer and performer of the Hamburg COSTA COMPAGNIE >. With the group he develops interdisciplinary documentary-performances with a choreographic approach. Since 2016 he is also creating choreographic works with the malaysian artist Raymond Liew Jin Pin >.
Jascha’s work is characterized by an open approach through intensive, physical states and the search for a clear, formal structure. In a close relationship of choreographic and dancing practice, he approaches the volatility of dance through concept, intuition and body.

In 2016/2017, Jascha was awarded with the Junior Research Fellowship of the Claussen-Simon Foundation
2019 his latest collaboration with Raymond Liew Jin Pin won the 16th BOH Cameronian Art Award for the best Choreography, best Stagedesign and best Sounddesign in Malaysia.


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