Liew \ Viehstädt
Premiere 09.02.2018, DPAC Theatre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

CONTINUE is a series of three dance pieces, which are produced in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Penang) and Germany (Hamburg, Berlin). The work is about continuously repeating patterns in nature and human behavior. In three parts, the work tries to extrapolate one of the most typical, enjoyable and problematic patterns of human being: communication -> relationship -> touch.
CONTINUE works with each of those topics and tries to find it’s unique abstraction into movement and dance.
The first part TONGUE is dealing with the different intentions of the spoken word in relation to movement. The second part TRIANGLE is investigating the many impalpable and constantly repeated ways of inter-human relationships, while the third part TOUCH is finally taking a look at the fundamental meaning of physical contact for merging things, societies and humans.

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Liew \ Viehstädt
Premiere 2017, LOFFT Leipzig, P-Bodies Festival
05. – 07.01.2017 G-SIX Studio Johor Bahru > Tickets +6012 7225 147
12. + 13.01.2017 Hinbus-Depot, Penang 
> Tickets +60127 5111 072, >

With a lot of humor and some dark magic, the german-malaysian Duo creating a Mermaid. The two dancers explore the implications of this „hybrid creature“ concerning movement, narration and gender.


Choreography: Chikako Kaido
Premiere 2016, Weltkunstzimmer Düsseldorf
Tour 2017, Japan, Tokyo

In „Gebrauchsanweisung zum Verschwinden“ („Manual to Disappear“) the Düsseldorf choregrapher Chikakao Kaido and her multidisciplinary team explores the motif of dissapearing. >


Choreography: Anna Konjetzky

Wah-Wah ist ein Beobachtungsraum, ein Gedankenraum, dessen Offenheit und Transparenz das Potential innewohnt Gemeinschaft entstehen zu lassen in einer euphorischen, ansteckenden, nie endenden Bewegung. Komprimierte Energie lässt an ihren Rändern alles in Bewegung geraten, um es schließlich zu verschlucken, mit sich zu verschmelzen und eine noch höhere Dichte zu erzeugen – Schicht um Schicht, Loop um Loop wird aufgetragen.

Anna Konjetzky >

Choreography: Jascha Viehstädt
Premiere 2015, P1 Kampnagel Hamburg

a study for a fictional, physical, real, non-existing body



Premiere 2015, Theater und Orchester Heidelberg

„Everyday we leave the house, we are aware that we may die.“

The COSTA COMPAGNIE conducted research in the Hindu Kush for three weeks at the end of ISAF’s mission and spoke with Afghan activists, journalists, scientists and students, as well as with German and American soldiers and diplomats about their experiences within the region’s complex situation. CONVERSION translates the multiple voices and contradictions of the material into a powerful performance that blends contemporary dance, research-based theater, soundscapes and multimedia installation to create a new form of the messenger’s report, while pursuing questions such as: How did the ISAF-mission affect the situation in Afghanistan? And by which interdisciplinary means can we approach war >

Choreography: Chikako Kaido
Premiered in 2015, Welkunstzimmer Düsseldorf >

Choreography: Jascha Viehstädt
Premiere 2014, Uferstudios Berlin

No words. A long, loud night. Pictures of naked and dissolving bodies on gleaming surfaces. The question arises, how to be naked within a hypersexualised adulthood. Or if our clothes provide us with a sense of real freedom. Focusing on the coexistence of an adult strangeness and rough simplicity especially found in comics, a collage and episode oriented dance piece develops. By using the emotional mechanisms of comic art, music and dance, the work encompasses the right to be shameless through probably exhausting and sweat-inducing rehearsals.


I_I Spatiotemporal
Balz Isler, Signe Koefoed, Louis Mejía, Jascha Viehstädt
Premiere 2015, Kampnagel Hamburg

In their first joint stage work, the four dance-, and media artists from Hamburg and Berlin deals with the complex terminology of space and time and translate these into social phenomena such as fear, freedom and oppression. They look to the aesthetics of horror and show an installation / situation of media harassment.


costa compagnie
10-Day Exhibition, Opening 22. May 2014, Cuxhavener Kunstverein

BRING BELOVED OBJECTS (max. Weight 850 grams)!

Premiere 2013, Uferstudios Berlin

As the hero of our very own reality, we are in search of the true fiction in dance and end up in a fairytale about the new, old war of humankind: Flesh vs. Stone.


Fukushima, my love
Premiere 2012, Fleetstreet Theatre Hamburg

1.5 years after the threefold disaster, one member of the COSTA COMPAGNIE traveled to Fukushima Prefecture and throughout Japan. He returned with a backpack full of interviews, sounds and video images. In FUKUSHIMA, MY LOVE the company pursues the question whether it is possible to reduce the spatial, temporal and cultural distance to the events of the disaster that also resulted in Germany’s departure from nuclear power. Based on 35 interviews and Japanese myths, three dancers, two actors, one musician and one video-artist artistically approached the incomprehensible in a performative essay, while asking: What is the human in the face of disaster? >